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Our Solution

SPARKD is a nearshore service provider focused on creating sustainable growth opportunities for European companies on one hand, and African talents on the other hand.

Our team consists of top-tier talents from Egypt (our SPARKS), that are hired, vetted, and trained by us. We strive to match your business’s needs with the right personnel to maximize effectiveness. Working from our offices in Cairo, our SPARKS will work directly with your local teams to ensure smooth collaboration.

With our talent-first approach, we focus specifically on hiring and training skilled professionals, that are hungry for opportunities to show off their talent and develop themselves.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to spark & sustain valuable partnerships between global talents & businesses.

We want to help you grow and transform faster by removing human capital constraints in a sustainable way.

At the same time we strive to give untapped talent in an underprivileged country the chance to develop and grow with European market leaders and champions.

Why Egypt

It's all about the talent

It is very close

They have the skills we need

The English level is high


It's tailor-made for you

It's just easy

Learning is part of our DNA

We know the hood

We care about people

We are in for the long run

How it works

Needs Assessment
Long-term cooperation

Step 1

Explain us what you need, how you work, who you are as a company and what matters to you. Our goal is to build our services tailored to your company-specific requirements with talents that match your culture and way of working.

Step 2

Out of the our pool of pre-vetted talent - our SPARKS - we strive to find the perfect fit for you - with the right skills and mindset to ensure a smooth and longterm partnership.

Step 3

We will support the onboarding on your server and tools. A dedicated talent manager will develop a customised onboarding plan for your company and will accompany the process closely to ensure an optimal kick-off.

Step 4

We partner with you long-term and want to grow alongside your company. We can scale the SPARKD team according to your needs. A dedicated talent manager will oversee the SPARKS in Cairo, and will support a seamless collaboration.

Who we are

SPARKD was founded in 2022 with the vision to connect talent from Egypt with European companies. Having worked with top Egyptian professionals themselves for over 20 years, the founders recognized the great potential of this largely untapped talent pool.

While many European companies face the difficulties of the decreasing working-age population, and a growing skills shortage, there are still a huge amount of talents available on the international market that lack access to appropriate job opportunities.

With our dedicated talent hub in Cairo SPARKD hires and develops top professionals to offer nearshore services for European companies to spark new opportunities and value.

Meet our team 

Lisa Leibold

Managing Director

Lisa is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for driving positive social impact. Having previously managed complex innovation projects for companies such as Microsoft & AWS, she is recognized for her problem-solving and proactive mindset.

Noha El Masry

Operations Director

Noha is an experienced operations executive known for her forward-thinking and energetic approach. She successfully managed Microsoft’s outsourcing activities in Egypt and build co-marketing activities in the MENA region for IBM and Cisco.

Our values


It takes courage to grow and push beyond our current limits, but the rewards can be immense. At SPARKD, we strive to constantly evolve with our employees and clients. By encouraging and nurturing our SPARKS’ abilities, we help them reach their goals, so that we can all thrive together.


SPARKD stands for open-mindedness, inclusiveness, and a talent-first approach. By embracing diversity, a global mindset creates a vibrant environment where people from different cultures can exchange ideas and collaborate. We believe in equal opportunities and payment based entirely on talent.


Everything we do, we do with passion. We believe this is an essential part of achieving success and fulfillment in our careers. We support our SPARKS in finding what lights their fire and allows them to shine. When we work with passion, we not only achieve success but also find joy and satisfaction in what we do..

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